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I went to annual luncheon for the MECA PanAm Tokyo group today (May 24). This is annual reunion of those who worked for Panasonic when Panasonic had office at Pan Am Bldg. in New York City. My late husband worked at Panasonic then and this annual reunion is for the couples, so I join even after he passed away. (In fact, I was not his wife when he worked for Panasonic!)
It is nice get together to see people I got to know (all are over 70 years of age, I believe) and to hear what they are up to. It is very interesting as all of them are having fun after they retire, doing a variety of things and staying very active. What impresses me always is that they do what “THEY LIKE” to do now, rather than what they are “supposed to do”.   I think it is probably because they spent considerable time in the US and developed that type of life style.  Some take lessons of social dance, chorus, play golf to age shoot, draw, etc. etc.

Today, I heard a story of Frank Y who seems to be following suggestions found in “100-year life” by Lynda Gratton I referred to before in my blog.  He plays guitar, sing, and play harmonica. (He has played country western songs at the reunion before)  He decided to have fun after he quit work with the policy of doing fun things which you cannot buy with money.  i.e. something that requires discipline, practice and last for some time.  He picks what he wants to do in certain country, learn the language for few years and stay in the country for some time.  So far he repeated this cycle for Italy, France and now Thailand.  (He was featured in Thai TV show. I post You tube below. It is in Thai but you can get the feel for fun.)

I was so impressed as he has developed three intangible assets described in “100-year life”, namely, productivity asset (learning communication skills), vitality asset (he goes to gym, does hiphop and zumba, as well as  mountaineering ) and transformational assets (living in different countries for some time),

I wrote about lack of high energy in Japan, the other day on this blog, but this group does have quiet energy and passion.  I am very inspired…

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