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Last night, (December 12), I went to the David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center to see/hear the Harry Potter and Sorcerer’s Stone while NY Philharmonic played the total music.  Music is composed by John Williams, one of the greatest composers in our era.  I was able to get this ticket (I love movie in concert series as I attended quite a few before) through exchange of my season’s ticket I bought in the summer.  (This arrangement is very nice.)

I was not quite sure whether I could stay awake for the 3 hour concert until 10:30 pm (I arrived in NYC n Wednesday and the time difference between US east coast & Japan is quite  big.) I managed to stay awake as the movie (first time to see Harry Potter’s movie for me!) was fascinating and so was the music.  I believe it was sold out and many families were there.

It was so much fun.  This movie in concert series at NY Phil is very popular. (I believe they have similar program in Japan, but not too successful? ) Here is the trailer of the movie.

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