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As I review my activities and how I see the world trend, I cannot help thinking that the first decade of 2010 has been so different and so unique from any decades I have seen myself.  It is clear that we live in the totally different era.  It leads me to wonder why some appear to live in the world which does not exist anymore.

As for my own activities in 2019, highlights are our new initiatives SINCA project-Sharing Innovative & Creative Actions, our work related to Innovation in Israel (the book four of us write together is scheduled to be published in March) and more activities related to the world (and thus in English.)

SINCA project has been very exciting for me though it keeps me extremely busy as it is like a start-up and needs much more work. The book project on Innovation in Israel exposed me to many innovative people with high aspiration and took me to Tel Aviv in November for the first time. For SINCA and for the book, I have great group of young people who have worked with me.

I have received more requests an inquiries from overseas whether it is presentation, panel etc. at the conferences(such as Brazil, Nice and Monaco)where I meet with so many interesting people, which continues expanding my horizon. (I love going to new places no matter how long the flight is!)

I am given opportunity to join overseas media such as BBC and write Opinion column of the Japan Times, which gives me perspectives regarding the role of media today. I continue to serve on the board of some Japanese companies and foundations.

I am very fortunate to be given these opportunities to be involved and to DO something (I realized that I get much more energy DOING something rather than advising etc.) I also get tremendous opportunities to meet with people from different fields such as music, technology, art etc. I am often full of ideas and things I want to do and wish that we have more than 24 hours a day and more than 365 days a year.

The new year 2020 will bring exciting events such as Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.  I hope that we will seize this very short window of opportunities to renew, refresh and re-energize ourselves.

I hope you have had good 2019 and hope that the year 2020 will mark the new beginning, whatever you do.  Thank YOU for all your help and support.

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