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img_2208As the year 2016 is just about to end in 12 hours, I review my activities in the context of the world which has brought many “unthinkable.” What happened in UK and in the US made me nervous for some time before they happened and shook my state of mind, sometimes making me feel very “angry.” Setting aside these events, however, my 2016 has been a good one as I have identified what I like to do.

I am convinced that there are many new career and lifestyle choices available today and tomorrow as the world undergoes technological and demographic changes. As I have been involved with Global Future Council on Education, Gender and Work of the World Economic Forum after 2 years of “Future of Jobs” council, I am now convinced that individuals are the one that can design their own career and life style. My passion and dedication is to offer opportunities for individuals to seize this new freedom. It is even more important in Japan where age and life stage goes together and there are many unwritten “Right” way of doing things which make people feel trapped, not able to move.
gfc-education-gender-and-work-pic-2I also find myself more interested in “Doing” and “Practicing” something rather than “showing” how to do etc. (That is why I experiment being a free-lancer…!)
I continue to participate/host seminar (Global Agenda Seminar at Roppongi Academy Hills) and monthly workshop series (Davos Experience in Tokyo series” this year. Every year, we try something new as the technology changes the landscape. One thing I maintain in running these seminars is the focus on individuals.

Conferences, meetings and vacation took me to New York, Dubai, Manila, British Columbia, Hong Kong, Palm Springs, Hawaii, as in the past. New York remains as my favorite city as I see my family there (my grandkids grow so fast!) and just to have fun- shows, walking around, jogging at the Park etc.

dscn6344My dad just celebrated his 95th birthday and is doing well. I have both extremes –from 6-year-old granddaughter to 95-year-old dad, which is good. (Those in between including myself are encouraged to reflect the past and see the future…)
I have been fortunate to meet with people so talented in different fields such as architecture, media design and music, and had tried myself to enter new space, without much success. I feel I know myself better and hope arbitrarily I can continue experimenting at different parts of the world.

Hope you have a good year (I think we all do, given the uncertainties sweeping throughout the world today.)


I am in the process of preparing iMovie with photos reflecting the year, but it needs a bit more time.  I will post it when it is ready.

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