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Today (Valentine’s Day), I went to join my cousin for lunch at nice Japanese restaurant (specialized in Tempura among others) in Shinjuku.  It was planned for one of the cousins who live in Switzerland for 4 decades. I heard about the lunch and was happy to be able to make it.  I have NOT seen the cousin from Switzerland for a few decades, and another couple (who live in Odawara) for some time.  They spent summer many years ago when we (my parents and I) lived in Kamakura, renting a house nearby. I was the fourth youngest among 26 cousins (they counted) and was about 9 or 10 years old, i.e. very young kid.  Majority of them were high school or college students and they seemed to have wonderful time there.  (I remember so little of it)

They seem to do things together once in a while, which is very nice.  We talked about good old days! with some funny stories.  It was very relaxing time for me after hectic week. (I rushed to prepare outline and slide file for seminar tomorrow and barely made it!)

One interesting remarks was that each one of us look similar to our parents as we get older….. (I suppose it is true anywhere in the world?)  Nice way to finish the week.

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