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At the next SINCA session scheduled for Sunday, November 29, we will discuss our own Happiest moment/memory of the year 2020.  The year 2020 when so many “unthinkable” happening, is finally coming to end in 5 weeks. In order to start the new year 2021 with fresh mindset and energy,. we want to reflect the year 2020.  We decided to start with the good news, and thus decided to discuss Happiest memory of the year 2020. (We will also discuss our saddest memory, but together with the wish we have for the different outcome.)

I myself have been thinking about the happiest moment/memory of the year 2020 and have begun reviewing my own activities.  I am still exploring the happiest event/memory of the year 2020 and start thinking about the series of events, rather than just one event. It seems to reflect the difficulty I have to think of one happy event, as we have had so many unexpected development. such as cancellations, emergency declaration, restricted movements etc. But if we try hard enough, I am sure we can think of the moment/memory that brightens up our mind in the global pandemic. So  I will think a bit more about it and will share my thought when we have the session on Sunday.

It is Thanksgiving day in the US and we can find something that we are thankful.  Let us remember people who have helped us get through difficult times and help those who have suffered this year.  Happy Thanksgiving, no matter where you are…


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