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pumpkinToday, October 31, is Halloween. I saw many pumpkins and ghosts while in New York.   When you have a family with small children, Halloween can be a  big deal. (Photo on the left with many pumpkins getting ready…) We used to have kids knock on our doors at our apartment complex for “trick or treat”, and I usually had some candies ready.

Though we still have small children at our apartment complex, not many seem to do it any more. So, Kenpumpghostykit was rather nice to feel the Halloween spirit while I was in NYC.  We played  the game whether the kids can hold pumpkin on their head  and if so, how long.(Middle photo)  We also tried ghost like photo by using the iPad. (Right photo)

It is my youngest stepson’s birthday, so we celebrated with dinner at the nice restaurant.  (We have no photo of this, unfortunately!)

Last day of the month of October and we have only two more months to go!

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