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It is hard to believe that half of the year 2020 is almost over.  The year 2020 began with so much hope and ambitious programs.

Now that half of the year is almost gone, I have two conflicting feelings.  In  a way, it feels as if past 6 months feel like 2 or more years.  On the other hand, it feels that so many unexpected things happened and I lost several months.

i have never had so much time to myself, though the activities have been quite restricted.  I finished many things I had wanted to do but never had time to do.  They include big clean up of my apartment where materials of the courses I used to teach, of the conferences I attended have been piled up. I sent off many books I did not need any more to Book-off as well as some old furniture and housewares.  My life got much simpler, which is great.

I also discovered that I could be happy working at home, (in fact, I loved no commuting) and doing online seminars/workshops as well as meetings via zoom and Team. I did not miss dinners, receptions etc. I missed going to concert, etc., though I watched/listened to live streaming of performance.

What I miss is the travel as I have not been out of Tokyo in the past five months except once this past week.

Now I need to think and plan how I spend the rest of the year 2020 as Covid–19 does not seem to be under control in many parts of the world.

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