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This evening, I went to Mariko Takahashi concert “Mari covers” at Tokyo International Forum.  Today was the last day of the national tour this year and the place was packed as usual.  Towards the end,  the song “Grand Pa” usually gets everybody stand up and dance (on the spot) along with the band. When they played the song, I looked back (I was in the center of the 6th row at the 5000-people huge hall) and found it quite impressive to see every person up and enjoy! (I suppose the average age of the audience is “young at heart”.)

This is the second time I see this show (for this year) and see the show evolves as it is done over 35 times throughout the country. I enjoy the concert and always find something new.  This time, the first half was a collection of songs not that familiar and rather quiet, while the latter half was lively and up tempo which I thoroughly enjoyed.  As always, I found the stage (in particular, very sophisticated lighting) very well planned.  I felt I got energy back.  Now ready to start a new week!

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