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At Annual Meeting 2010 in Davos, I went to the session entitled “Discover a Hacker’s Mindset”. It was held at Studio and featured Pablos Holman .   The moderator of the session was Yossi Vardi, one of the first Israeli entrepreneur in high tech field.   I met with Yossi few years ago in Palo Alto when we had Innovation 100 Forum.  He made hilarious presentation filled with “politically incorrect” expressions.  I recalled that he was one of the best known entrepreneurs/venture capitalists.

What caught my attention was his remarks at the Hackers Mind session. (Not recalling exact words of his, but in spirit)  When summarizing the session with Pablos, he mentioned that  he himself does not understand many things Pablos and others are thinking or doing, but the future will be created by the hackers like Pablos.

I thought how many people in Japan with great track records say something like that. I am always amazed that the “great people” with excellent track records and well respected in other countries (mainly in the U.S., but I heard it is true in UK for performing arts, for example) promote younger generation and make every effort to create the environment in which younger, emerging people can prosper.   I wish I can find something like this in Japan as well.

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