I found out  that today would be the second and last day of Game No.3 of Shogi Ousho sen title match on my way back home.  Defending Ousho, Akira Watanabe won two games in a row, so I was eager to find out how the game No.3 would develop. (As I do not know the rules, all I do is to follow  blog  and imagine!)  So I checked the Game blog and found out that the game was already over by 4:00 p.m. with challenger Yoshiharu Habu win.

Game No. 3 was held in Hakone where I was born. So I even felt much more familiar!    When the game was over,  both still had over 1 hour to play.  It was rather unusual I thought,  as in most title match, game goes on until late at night.

Defending Ousho Watanabe’s comment said “After lunch time, it moved so quickly and I lost!”    Now it is Watanabe 2-1 Habu.

Game No. 4 will be held on February 18 and 19 in Hirosaki, Aomori prefecture.  It will be an interesting series…