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Every year, I reflect my activities over the past year and prepare greetings both in English and in Japanese.  This year was no exception.  On the island of Kauai, listening to the sound of waves on Christmas Eve, I prepared the greetings for 2013.  Here is the excerpt from it I want to share with you.  (Very personal things I did not include..)


Make best of each day, continuing “out of box” initiatives to support youth, capitalizing on my uniqueness.”

I came to this goal through my recent experiences.  I lost a few friends & my mother in 2012, which made me reflect the meaning of my life. I have encouraged people to seek for unique assets each & every one of us has. I have decided to focus on what only I can do, not only in my job, but also in my private life….

The importance of  time has hit me.  We need to appreciate “now”, as we never know whether we have tomorrow. I also realized that my experience may not be relevant to the youth as many changes have taken place in the past decade.

It is young generation, and not me, who will be around in 2050 and I realize that my role is to support them with what I can do, so that they can create the better world.

I am experimenting with initiatives even on small scale, away and out of the existing institutions.  It is because I believe my energy & time is better spent with new initiatives rather than large-scale change & grand transformation of the existing institutions in Japan.  My personal wish of making an impact on even small number of people I interact directly has also led me to this approach.

Among many alternative ways of supporting the youth such as funding, networking and skill development, I have chosen to focus on skill building, as I believe it is my strengths.  Some initiatives I have tried so far include Basic Skill Boot Camp & SPACE project at KMD (Keio Media Design where I work) and Global Agenda Seminar Series at Roppongi Academy Hills. My blog I write everyday as well as Tweet & face book groups are also such initiatives. Some I tried last year were not successful & suspended, but from the experience of failures and from the new initiatives I observed overseas, I want to continue creating the SPACE. Here young people can develop skills to make the best of numerous opportunities open throughout the world such as essay, business plan competition, internship & new venture….


As the world is changing at the unprecedented pace with many uncertainties, the knowledge and experience I have gained becomes obsolete and irrelevant to the youth very quickly.  What endures no matter what happens, I believe, is the physical (and mental) stamina.  If you are healthy and in good shape, you are prepared to take on a challenging task.  Without it, it becomes extremely difficult.  I came to realize the importance of physical stamina,  when I was in the early 20s through my experience of working with non-Japanese people.  Since then, I have continued exercise routine–whether it is jogging, swimming, aerobics etc.    Physical stamina (probably mental one, too) follows the rule of “No pain, no gain” and thus I want to encourage young people to start now and continue.

I am now in the process of major cleaning  at my apartment, to achieve SIMPLE LIFE, my another agenda for 2013! (It looks that it may take two years–2012 and 2013!)

Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you all have a  Happy New Year!

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