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I wrote about the sudden sweeping popularity of Greek style yogurt before.  I now realize it IS actually sweeping majority of the dairy section of shelf space of the grocery store.

I eat plain yogurt every morning with fruits and dried prunes (when I am home, I mix it with Kanten, Japanese jelly with it) and thus, I look for plain yogurt everywhere I go.

As always, I looked for one at grocery store in Hawaii and could NOT find old plain yogurt (big size of 500G or so, not the small sizes).  All were Greek style and the only ones available in old style (non-Greek) were with flavors.

So I ended up with Greek style/plain, but found it much harder (some people call it richer!) for my taste.  I am amazed how quickly the preference for food (in this case, I believe it was largely due to the marketing effort of the Greek yogurt manufacturers!) changes.

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