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Summit on the Global Agenda was completed with the plenary session with reports from 6 clusters this morning.  The presentation of  major recommendations from the councils and the discussion in the 6 separate groups was quite interesting to get exposed to the issues and recommendations of the other Councils than my own.

It was after all, a very intense and so-called “dangerously high powered intellectual exercise” with stimulating discussion and quite exhausting deliberations.

I needed to do some physical exercise after the Summit meeting as I felt that I was sitting for a long time.  I also checked out the shops near the hotel  just to see what was available. (It turned out that there were many small shops with Arabic materials together with international restaurants and coffee shops including Starbucks!)

Today’s highlight was getting together with Salem,  ICS alumnus.  I missed him last time I was in Dubai last year, as he happened to be in Tokyo.  We managed to meet this time and I had such as wonderful time, talking with him what he has been doing and his plans for new business etc.   We talked about many things including his experience at ICS, his family, what is going on at ICS now, what I have been doing and my plan.  It was such a relaxing time that I cherish.

It is great to have alumni no matter where you go in the world.  It was worth to come to Dubai just to spend some time with him, I felt.  What a nice way to end a 3-day stay in Dubai!

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