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In the past few days, I received two great news from my friends.  One is from the social entrepreneur friend whom I happened to meet last year.  She shared the good news that her(company’s)  business plan has passed the preliminary round and now ready to go on to the final round at one of the business plan competition.  We supported her to prepare a plan as a part of sub project, Biz Creation, of my real project SPACE at KMD.  One of the students who have had start up experience has helped her clarify and crystallize her plan, so that her plan went to the second round. I understand she (and her company) has applied for other competition and funding, and hope that she gets some soon.

I am delighted as one of my objectives of the real project SPACE and other initiatives such as Education & Skills/Gender Parity  in Japan is to develop as many global leaders as possible through different mechanisms and tools.

The other good news is from my former student at ICS.  She was in my seminar  and now lives in Boston.  I received a note last year from her, asking me to write a letter of recommendation, as she wanted to enroll at the new masters’ program.  My schedule was so tight when I received her note and the logistical nightmare of sending hard copies almost prevented me from writing her letter of recommendation.   (I do not write letters of recommendation except for my seminar students and/or those I know well from working together.)

We managed to do it and now she is accepted for the program she wants to pursue. She has a small child and her struggle is about to start  juggling study & family,  but I am delighted that she is onto the  new challenge.

It is always nice to find people with ambitions to make a step toward it, no matter how slowly it may look.  I am delighted to be of some help in the process.

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