I received great news from two students of my KMD project recently.  Both informed me that they were accepted to the program overseas to have diverse experience and to start/continue new initiative.  I was very happy to hear the news.

One students wrote and rewrote application form and other documents which were required one after another.  (I as a supervisor, wrote a few versions of the recommendation.)  He persisted and revised/refined his application and research plan several times.  Finally, his plan was approved so that he could work overseas, while continuing the project in Japan–crossing boundaries.

The other student also was accepted to join the program overseas.   He tried for the first time several months ago (I believe, it was in the summer) and did not get it. He told me that he did not ask for my advice, as I looked so busy with other things.  He was very disappointed when he did not pass.   I told him that  it is worth trying, whether it is asking for help or for application itself.   He sent me a note that he was accepted after three trials.  I was very happy to hear that.

These two incidents tell us that you need to keep trying.  You will never know what opens up for you, if you do not give up.

Their notes came right to my eyes, as I could tell how happy they are from the note.  I am VERY happy for them, and at the same, I feel that I myself am very encouraged to keep trying.  Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed that I may not be able to do something.  Their note tells me that I should keep trying.  Thank YOU and BIG congratulations!