IMG_0271I was invited to the luncheon entitled “Advancing Women Business Leaders” organized by IBM today It was a great event with Paul Yonamine, Managing Director of IBM Japan, Ginni Rometty, CEO of IBM Corporation and other VIPs as key note speaker and panelist.

I was very impressed by some comments such as “Growth and Comfort do not co-exist.””Do NOT others define you!” “Aim for the Star..” etc. It was also very nice to see many friends, both men and women in leadership positions & young!
What was even more amazing was that I ran into the person who is from the place in Kansas-specifically, Leavenworth, KS, which was my first exposure to the US of A as an exchange student over four decades ago.
IMG_0265I was at the table with board members of the IBM Corporation and he was one of the board members. It was the first time I ever ran into the person from Leavenworth KS (the place is known for six prisons!).
We talked for a while as we were all excited about the coincidence. (Probability of this happening must be  very small!)
Then he called me to say that his sister had a girl from Japan whose name is Yoko several decades ago. We have not quite figured out whether I am that Yoko or not, but it made my day!
The lunch was great and the encounter made it even more special.