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morning (April 10), the grand opening of Shiseido Global Innovation Center was held at Minato mirai area of Yokohama.  Its features are “open innovation center in the city.” I serve as non-executive director of Shiseido and have been very excited about the progress of this project since I went to the ground breaking ceremony a few years ago.  When I woke up this morning, it was rainy and cold, but by the time I got to the GIC and heard Mr. Uotani’s opening remarks (he quoted the words of the priest at the nearby shrine called Suitengu -shrine of water that rain is good as it washes away all that is outdated and symbolizes the new beginning),  my spirit was high with excitement to see something completely new and innovative.

We had address by several VIPs including Minister Motegi, Vice governor Nakajima and Mayor Hayashi. After the ceremony, the staff took us to the tour of the facilities in groups.  As there were many people and many spots to look, I wish we had more time.  Some of the displays were extraordinary.  I decided that I would come back again soon to take a closer look.   The GIC will be open to the public on  April 13 and I hope many will visit such marvelous facilities.

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