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These past two days, I attended one big party and hosted another one.  Friday was the day of commencement at KMD and the party organized by students began at 6:00 pm.  I came back from Kauai, Hawaii, in time to attend the party, as many of my students graduated.

band at KMD1277316_667019033363597_414670276_oThough I was a bit late, I made it and had a great time.  Students were dressed very nice and looked so sophisticated. (At KMD, the way they dress is not typical black tie or elegant, as we have many different styles.)  The band played (on the left) and the stand-up comedy followed.

10014516_667020060030161_2040850695_oEach one of us (faculty members) received a gift (very nice wine glass) and said a few words to the graduating class.  I left a bit early as I was falling asleep after a glass of wine (I was teleconferencing until 1:00 a.m. the night before!), but I see many nice photos.

Yesterday, I hosted a party for students who have been in my project.  We had 15 altogether and I spent few hours preparing.  (I did not  have enough wine glasses and plates, as it was just about the biggest group I hosted at my apartment.)  We began with champagne toast and ate, drank and talked for 4 hours!  They brought huge bottle of champagne, few bottles of wine, rosespmchocolates etc.  They even brought birthday cake and beautiful roses (photo on the left, very unique) and sang “Happy Birthday” for me.  I also received a nice card, with photos at the farewell party at KMD as well as collection of music just for me. (I have not gone through them yet as I was busy wrapping up the last day at KMD today!)

It was fun two days and I truly appreciate the joy of interacting with young people.  This is the best part of my job.  Even though I leave KMD and have no affiliation with educational institutions, I will continue interacting with young people.  Lately, it is getting younger and younger as I run a few workshops with high school students.

Nice way to end my days at KMD.

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