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Awards Ceremony & Conference Green Project Awards 2017 was finished yesterday, January 12. Giving the key note speech on Society 5.0 was the main purpose of my trip to Oporto this time.
I received an inquiry through my website (I believe) about the possibility for key note late last year. I had never been to Portugal, not to mention, Porto and did not know about GPA. But I thought I could discuss Society 5.0 as it has been one of the topics we brainstormed etc. recently. I asked for the business class round trip between Haneda to Oporto and hotel accommodations for my participation, which they agreed.
I came Tuesday,Jan. 9 very late after some 20-hr flight from Haneda. In addition to walk around the city center and other areas to see the city, I practiced my talk several times, changing orders of slides etc. to make sure I can finish in time. I also had an opportunity to test slides and run through the day before, which I greatly appreciated. (It is very important to familiarize yourself with the venue, position, etc.)
I  hear that GPA event was last held in Brazil and is sponsored by the government, as well as private sector and NPO. At the conference, many VIPs such as Mayor of Porto, Minister, Director of government offices and private companies were there, with remarks. (I heard all via simultaneous interpretations, as it seemed that I was the only one that spoke in English.)
As I watch the program unfolds, I understand that the organizers of this initiative are particularly interested in mobility and circular economy.

After my key note speech followed by another key note, and dialogue with him for the TV show with moderator, my role at the conference  was almost finished.  During the coffee break, some people came up to ask questions and make comments.  (which I always appreciate.)

The main section of the event was the award ceremony. Altogether 12 awards were given. For each one of the categories (except one or two for special prizes), finalists were announced and honorable mentions and winners were announced. I participated in giving one of the honorable mentions to the group. It was a big event.
What impressed me at the event was the focus on the youth. (They had youth initiative award.)  In addition, they gave Special award career for the sustainability to two academics/engineers who have made contribution in this area.  It was interesting to see their emphasis on youth for the future, while appreciating and recognizing the contributions of those who have worked for a long time.

The event was finished around 2 o’clock, 1 hour later than schedule.  By then, I was quite cold in the huge stone building (which was magnificent). and went back to the hotel.  I feel very honored to be given this opportunity.  The staff was very helpful to make sure that I have two additional interview for the media before the conference and I can run through the whole speech the day before.  I am fortunate to be given this opportunity not only to participate in the conference, but also visit a lovely city.

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  1. It was an honor and very important for us, at ocuboverde, listen to your keynote speach.
    Thank you very much!!!

    感謝 (kansha)

    Team ocuboverde

    arquitectura e eng. civil sustentavel
    economia circular e bioeconomia
    in Portugal

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