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  p1010069p1010072 My friend, her husband and their 21-month boy came from Seattle to spend the Fourth of July weekend in Whistler. It was a gorgeous weekend, clear sky, sunny and a lot of activities.  We hiked around the lake, went mountain biking, and had fun at the lake with the pedal boat. 

  We had salmon and steak BBQ, corn,  together with beer and wine. What else to expect for the beautiful weekend in July!  It was fun talking with the couple about what is going on in Japan and in the U.S. and comparing notes.  I learned quite a bit about the recent development in IT industry–such as Twitter, etc.

  It was quite an experience for me to see the boy being exposed to various activities, (even bear, as they came across one!) , and showing interest in many things with full of curiosity.  He looked happy, sad, serious and playful.   

     One day after they left, we had rain and the cool weather came back.  We even had no water, something happened to the municipal water supply.  We were very fortunate that it happened after my friends left.  It looks like the weather turns this week as many rainy days are forecast.

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