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 I spent little over two weeks in Tokyo and now getting ready to go back to British Columbia.  These two weeks have been very good  for me and I feel that I have accomplished quite a bit. 

 I participated many events at KMD  such as public hearing of Masters Thesis, Plenary meeting of clusters, to name a few. All of them are the “first” for me,  as this is the first year since I joined KMD)  Through these activities, I have begun realizing what KMD is all about. (I should say I am in the process of finding out!)  I also had an opportunity to share my experience of joining KMD and my discovery there to outside people.

   I participated in several conferences, gave a few seminars and met with many people.  (I have over 150 namecards from these encounters!)  It is nice to receive notes from them whether they are in the form of comments on Facebook (I am still learning), mail, comment on the Tweet etc.

  I also had many project meetings with KMD students and feel that our projects are finally taking shape.  We plan to have weekly meetings using google plus while I am in British Columbia.  We exchange meeting notes, suggestions, ideas etc. which makes me realize the benefit of technology.

  I also had a great opportunity to interact with high school students–over 160 of them, as well.  As my focus has been on young generation who would create the future, I feel so privileged to have these opportunities.  People say that they feel re-energized at my seminar, but I am the one that get a lot of energy from interacting with people.  Young and young at heart!

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  1. Tokyo is a good place.The scenery there and good food are very good.

    • yishikura
    • August 6th, 2011

    Dear Frunk, Tokyo is one of my favorite cities throughout the world. It helps to get away sometimes in order to appreciate it.

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