Yesterday (December 1), after I finished the last class at KMD, I rushed to attend the advisory board of Gojo & Company.  This is the company with the goal of establishing private sector version of the World Bank and has been setting up micro finance branches in different countries–so far, Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

fullsizerender-30I have known Shin Taejun, founder of this company for many years and have served as advisor with other distinguished people.  (I am not a finance person and this is a learning opportunity for me.)  Three representatives of Gojo in Cambodia, Sri Lanka and Myanmar were with us, who gave us the status in respective operations.  As this is the whole new field for me, it was very interesting and my wish to visit their operations has been increased two notch or so..

It so happened that chairman of Gojo & Company, Mr. Idei’s birthday was about 10 days ago, so we celebrated it with cake, candles and song! (What else!) It was fun.  I am fortunate to work with these very ambitious and dedicated people.

fullsizerender-32After Gojo advisory board meeting(and skipping the dinner with Gojo people as I needed to have a break from series of dinners this week), I went to British Embassy to attend Christmas Drinks Party briefly. (On the left is the Ambassador, Mr. Tim Hitchens). I said Hello to the main person of the event, Rosalind Campion, new Minister Counsellor for Economic Affairs, Strategy and Communications whom I fullsizerender-33met at lunch the other day.  (Photo below)

I ran into some friends including Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa, media related people.  I am exploring the possibility of doing the project for my seminar series probably for the embassy and for media (it will be done in English and for a few months).  Though I stayed for a while only, I met with many new people and exchanged name cards.  (I need to order another batch as I met with so many new people this past week!)   I am grateful for this type of opportunity.

I came back home to cook simple meal  for a change and went right to sleep!  I am now refreshed enough to jog around the park nearby this morning.