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   p1010080Yesterday, I joined my friend at the Ladies tournament for Cure  at one of the golf courses in British Columbia. I was fortunate on two counts–1) the event was originally scheduled two weeks earlier but it was rained out . It was postponed to make it possible for me to join yesterday 2) the afternoon was very nice after two days of quite miserable rain. 

   We wore something in pink (the color that marks the event) and played 18 holes by shot gun style (each group starts on different hole at the same time) .  We began with hole No.2 and managed to play 18 holes before it became too dark at 8:00 p.m. 

  As always, there are companies  sponsoring the event and we sampled wine in the can (ideal for picnic!), Martini, lemonade etc. in the first several holes.   (You can see the photo of four ladies with drinks!) Drinks made us relax and we played even better after that!

  A part of the money raised yesterday goes to the research etc. for breast cancer. The event finished with dinner and prizes.  (By the time we were finished, it was 10:00 p.m.!)  There are usually some of these charity events held during the summer. (I had joined several in the past.)

   I have participated several events related to Cure in NYC and in Tokyo.  This initiative/campaign has been very well known and kept very active.  It was also very nice to meet with new people.

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