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Last issue of Newsweek magazine is now out.  From now on, we can read Newsweek only online.  Several stories have been reported on the decision, which poses one question for me.   That is, do we go digital all the way, and not print from now (not only for Newsweek, but also for other things), or do we revisit the issue again later?

The reason this question comes to my mind is that we had an interesting discussion in class entitled Business Strategy in the era of Change two weeks ago.  The case we discussed was The Economist, and the case describes how media industry has been undergoing transformation.

At the beginning of the class, I asked my students what their information sources are and how they have changed.  The responses I found interesting were that some students have gone back to print version of newspapers etc., and use both online and print versions, depending upon their needs.  Some comments regarding the advantages of the print include “one look captures them all.”

I wonder whether majority of us will go online only, or stay half and half or come back to print after they try online only for some time.  It will be an interesting question, as new generation may only see online version and have no idea when we talk about the print version.  Unprecedented transformation is taking place in many places and we are still in the  experimental stage as far as the human behavior is concerned.  Extremely interesting time!

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