Recently I came across with a few incidents where people seem to restrain themselves.  For example, many do not apply for some program, scholarship or some prizes. Only a few make request and/or ask for favour of people with status and seniority.  They seem to think too much about what will happen (in many cases, they get turned down?) and hesitate.  Not setting up very ambitious goal for yourself may fall under the same category of self-restraint.

On the other hand, I have come across with people with such high aspiration–“Win the Nobel Peace Prize by creating the world where people can lead peaceful life” (Kentaro Sakakibara of Samurai Incubate Inc. we had as our guest speaker for Global Agenda Seminar series)  and “Create the Private Sector World Bank by providing financial access for everyone in developing countries”(Taejun Shin of Gojo  & Company Inc.)  I do not think they have the word “self restraint” in their dictionary and seem to be “going for it” all the time.

Which kind of people do I want to spend time with?  Naturally, I prefer the latter as  I get very inspired by meeting and talking with these people with high aspirations.  It makes no difference which field they are in. In fact, I have some with such high aspiration among game/media designers and artists.  When I come across with these people, I get encouraged and feel that “I” can do it, too. It has nothing to do with age, nationality, background etc.  It is the mindset to look ahead and forward, instead of looking back and feel regrets.  I recommend that you try to find the people with little self restraint and get their energy.

.  When I come to think of it, I do NOT think the Japanese translation for the  expression “Go for it” exists?  Probably I should try AI translator…