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IMG_8847logo-women-s-forumToday, February 23, is the first day of Global Women’s Forum Dubai in 2016.  In a way, it started last night in that the welcome reception for the Scandinavian delegation to the GWFDubai was held.  I met with quite a few people, from London, Cairo, Copenhagen, Norway etc. etc. and had fun conversation.  I almost forgot that the time is not necessarily strict in Dubai and arrived in a hurry to make it 7:00 pm, which the invitation said.  (I heard from some that if it says 7:00 start, it starts at 9:00!)

After having very interesting discussion over dinner, I left early so that I could get up at 3:00 a.m. to join the board meeting in Tokyo via phone. I managed to get up at 3:00 and finished the board meeting, but I lost a bit of sleep  as the staff came to my room at 11:00 pm (about 1 hour after I fell asleep) with the badge and registration materials of GWFDubai.

IMG_8866Now the first plenary is underway entitled “Turning Point” with Becky Anderson of CNN moderating.  Comments by the former Minister of Foreign Affairs from Italy are so full of sense of humor AND straightforward that I feel that people, no matter how important they are, can be natural and themselves, stating what they think without hesitation.

I will have very busy afternoon today with CEO workshop on diversity and plenary panel entitled Innovative Thinking for Tomorrow’s Cities.  Tonight will be anniversary dinner hosted by Cartier. A lot of exciting and inspiring sessions and talks by many people, are taking place and I am very excited.    You can watch as  I understand the GWFDubai is live streamed  here, 

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