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 Last week, I was given an opportunity to attend the Global Risk Workshop organized by the World Economic Forum.  I found the discussion interesting and stimulating.  (I feel more relevance and urgency as the news of swine flu has spread in a matter of few days.)

  What impressed me most, however, was  new, different and innovative perspectives that younger members provided.  I heard quite a few quite different views and opinions from those we  hear from “regulars”  that tend to attend this type of World Economic Forum meetings.  Some include views such as “Why do we need to be so concerned about Japan, when we are in the global world?” “Is there any way Japan can contribute  other than try to take leadership in energy/environment/technology area?”  etc. etc.

  I was also very impressed with the fact that younger members led the discussion and reported back from three groups, each working on “Global governance gap” “Climate change” “Population explosion.”    I thought it was great to have new people lead and report back.  In particular, the one by my young lady friend (There were not too many women in the group!) was so good that I learned a lot from the way she handled.  It is always nice to have new faces.

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