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This evening, Global Risk Report 2015 was launched by the World Economic Forum. I was watching the live event where panelists explained the content and took questions from the reporters.

Top 10 risks were explained in terms of likelihood and in terms of impact. # 1 for the former is interstate conflict, followed by extremely weather events, failure of national governance and state collapse and crises.  #1 for the latter is water crises, followed by spread of infectious disease.

Water crisis is significant as such, and also as the underlying cause for the various conflicts. I found discussion on synthetic biology very intriguing as described as “many innovations and progress  are made, while they are under regulated like financial crisis.”

Questions from the reporters are always very interesting and this time, quite a few questions were raised in the face of the recent terrorist attacks at several places throughout the world. I learn from the questions journalists ask, brief, to the point and expressions.

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