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Today, May 30, marks the first day of Global Redesign Summit. We began the plenary session with Ahn Ho-Young of Korea, Alexander Fasel of Switzerland, He Yafei of China, together with Richard Samans, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum.  The session was chaired by Lord Malloch-Brown of the WEF.

It set the tone of the GRS from the perspectives of G20 (Mr. Ahn Ho-Young is the Ambassador at Large for G20), and of the United Nations.  Richard Samans explained the procedure with which the GRS has come to this stage, and the three remarks followed.  During the Q & A sessions, we discussed legitimacy and efficiency issue of the international organizations and mechanisms such as the United Nations, the different roles of G20 and of the UN, etc, and the need for transformation of G20 from the mechanisms to respond to crisis to the long-term mechanism, etc.  The debate got quite active and heated.

It is at this type of discussion that I feel that the world is indeed inter-connected and we really need to work together to make the world a better place.

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