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I came to Doha, Qatar, for the Global Redesign Summit organized by the World Economic Forum yesterday morning. This is the first time I am in Qatar and find everything interesting.  I have been to Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the Mideast, but only heard of Doha as WTO Doha round and as the place where the Japan’s national soccer team lost their bid for the World Cup in France way back.

After taking a nap (after the 11-hour-long flight from Kansai airport, I was still tired),  I made it to the gym (what else to expect!) and to the outdoor swimming pool just to sit around.  I love being close to the ocean or any water for that matter.  The scene of ocean relaxes me so much and I feel so refreshed.

I went to the Venue to register.  I met with other participants, some  familiar, and others for the first time.  I met with the business person from Ghana and talked about the demonstration of  Sony CSL of power generation and Public Viewing in Ghana.  We also talked about UNIQLO, as his business was related to retail.  It is always fun to meet with new people and find out first hand the status of the country they represent.

The Global Redesign Summit starts today, May 30, so it will be busy two days.  Stay tuned as I will keep reporting.

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