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As every month in the past few years, my Opinion for February 2020 is now available on the Japan Times website.  It is due on the first Monday of the month and I drafted February piece in time.  Editing has been done last week, but I was not sure when it would be published, as things are evolving and we have national holiday yesterday.  Now it is on the website.  Entitled “Communication Apps and English are key to global reach”, I discussed how the international flow of people and goods blocked by the coronavirus in the past few weeks.  I referred to the Global Risk Report 2020 published by the World Economic Forum to indicate that there are many more risk factors than “infectious disease” with high likelihood and impact, causing the similar flow blockage.

It is hoped that this health emergency is resolved soon with the global effort. In this article, I took a different perspective from the health issue, and discussed what I find missing in many Japanese companies in negotiations and communication across national boundaries.

It is partially based upon my experience of studying the Japanese-Israeli startup relationships for the book scheduled for publication in March.  Quite a few people involved with them pointed out that we need many more people who can continue communication with counterparts in Israel.  While we work on addressing the issue of coronavirus, we can start some specific actions such as enhancing skills for communication and English among many more people.  Here is the link to the article.  The link to my previous Opinion columns is here.

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