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As I wrote a few days ago, KMD will host the RealProject Showcase on Saturday, March 2, at Hiyoshi Campus, Collaboration Complex.  For updates. My project (called SPACE connecting the Divided world) will host “Global Debate” in the morning (starts at 10:30 a.m.) at Fujiwara Hall.

We will have open debate on two topics, one in English and the other in Japanese.  Two teams will present their argument and we will then open up to the floor so that anybody who has a view can come up (or write) to express their view.  Two topics are:  “Future schools need NO lectures”. and “IT Innovation reduces job/employment”.  We hope they will provoke many interesting views and we will engage in heated discussion.

I have heard many requests from the young people at “Davos Experience in Tokyo” we had on February 1 and G1 summit two weeks ago organized by Globis to have as many opportunities as possible to discuss, debate global agenda both in Japanese and in English. Global Debate & workshop  is one such initiative we want to offer & engage young people.

Global debate will be followed by networking lunch at the HUB on the first floor of Collaboration Complex. (probably with some prizes?)   Then in the afternoon, we will have two rounds of ideaslab type workshop.  This is a new approach to brainstorming and in each round, three teams  present topic/issue they are working on briefly with a question they want YOU to think & explore.  You can join any group you like and brainstorm for a while.

If you like to be engaged in the exciting discussion, come and join us.  If you are wondering about hiring for the company or how engaged young people are, do come to find out yourself.   Here is the file for details.Ishikura-Global Debate At the bottom of the file, you can find the link to the facebook event for SPACE as well as KMD Forum as a whole.  (There are other presentations, events… even a tour of KMD!)  If you have difficulty, try this link. I hope many of you will join us to see it yourself!

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