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Last Saturday, June 5, we had Global Agenda Seminar session No. 5.  We had Ms. Kanae Doi, Japan representative of Human Rights Watch.  As participants had materials to read and issues to think about, she focused on her own story of how she got interested in human rights in the first place, took action to go to Eritrea and became the active member of the Human Rights Watch.

I knew nothing about Human Rights Watch before I began the Global Agenda Seminar. My first encounter with the organization and Ms. Doi was September last year when we had the opening of the Japan office of the World Economic Forum.  I have read some materials on Human Rights Watch since then, had a pleasure of having Ms. Yoshioka of HRW for my competitiveness class, and saw Ms. Doi make a impressive presentation at the TEDxTokyo a few weeks ago.  I finally had a pleasure to have her as our guest for the GAS session.

After her presentation on her own personal story, we had breakout sessions to discuss reports prepared by the participants on the issues raised by her on Japan’s involvement in the Human Rights Watch.  As each group reported back what they discussed, Ms. Doi made various comments.

I found the issues of the national interest (in relation to the global human rights), the sense of justice inherent in Japan, and the human rights Asian way?, particularly intriguing.

These comments made such strong impression on me that I thought about them a lot at the East Asian Forum.  It also stimulated my thinking when I was reading other books and articles.

Knowing something new definitely expands one’s horizon and opens the new world for us.  I think it is the beautify of learning.

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