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Tomorrow, November 25, is the day of Global Agenda Seminar Reunion.  We began this series at Roppongi Academy Hills in January 2010, as one of the initiatives to develop global leaders who “do” something  to resolve global agenda including poverty, education, energy, global health etc. etc.

The first of the series-GAS 2010 ran for a  whole year (i.e. 10 sessions in total) with some 50 participants. I served as main facilitator of the series and it was such a great experience to work with highly motivated people in 20s-40s.  The network of people has continued and we had the first Reunion in July last year.

This year, we ran GAS 2012, in a different format.  We had three terms, each ran for three months with specific topic.  All these sessions (both GAS 2010 and 2012) were conducted in English and each time, we tried something new.

Now we have some 100 alumni of GAS and tomorrow is the second Reunion.  I understand some 50 people will participate.  I plan to facilitate the session, with several  alumni, reporting on their new initiatives.  We will have breakout sessions to develop new ideas, specific action plans, and among all, to  develop further network so that those who participated in GAS will collaborate, beyond organizations, generations, etc.      We expect some guests from both GAS 2010 and GAS2012.

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