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At Roppongi Academy Hills website, two articles entitled “Next Steps for Global Agenda Seminar series”, both of which is written in English are uploaded today.  Part 1 is here and Part 2 is here. As we finished the fixed program of GAS last year, I wrote about my experience on my blog  as well as other media.  In addition, as no specific program has been planned at Academy Hills, we have moved forward to plan several discussion sessions, using GAS facebook group etc.  The most recent one featuring Sake (done in Japanese) is here.  In addition, I have started the talk with past participants of GAS, first of which is post  (The second one has been finished, and now editing is underway.)

You can go to my website under the category of seminar to find out my blog entries in English on GAS sessions.

All in all, it has been exciting and  inspiring experience for me and I got to know many young people through this series.  As I reflect back to the past decade, the question came to me “What do we mean by global and global leader in the “with Corona” era?”  I think we need to revisit this question, as our conventional thinking is unlikely to be applied.  (As my thought gets crystallized, I will try to either plan online session or write a column of both.)

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