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Yesterday at noon was the deadline for application for Global Agenda Seminar 2019.  I was a bit nervous whether we receive enough application or not, as it started relatively slow pace, partly due to the 10-day holidays.  We extended the deadline for application for almost a week and I did a lot of promotion to attract people to apply.

My commentary on the Opinion column of the Japan Times yesterday and my detailed guideline for writing paper, report etc. on my blog entry are some examples of that promotion.  We also distributed many fliers promoting the seminar at variety of seminars/conferences I was involve and many posters were displayed at placed around Mori Bldg. (My friend who happened to come to the area said “Yoko, you are everywhere…” (making me feel quite embarrassed….)

We received good number of applications and excellent ones as well. I reviewed the all today.  The first session starts on June 1 and I am VERY excited to work with such great group of people.  Thank YOU for your interest (The number of people who downloaded the entry sheet was quite large, too.)

For those who are interested in sessions etc., and not long seminar series like this,  I  hope we will have GAS sessions which are open to all (not the one we recruited this time) a few more times this year, and we will have SINCA sessions, every month, too.  So stay tuned.

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