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We hosted the first Special Global Agenda Seminar session this last Monday, March 19 with Gajan of Rapyutus Robotics as our guest speaker. The next special session is scheduled for Wednesday April 18 at Roppongi Academy Hills.
The topic of the second session is “Singularity U and Exponential technologies” and we will have Jovan Rebolledo as our guest speaker.
Singularity and Exponential are two of the buzz words often discussed these days. But what do these terms mean and what impact would they have on our daily life? Not many may have a clear idea of what they are and what implications they will have on us.
I attended the Singularity  U Japan Summit held in September in Tokyo and met with many interesting people and heard many inspiring talk. Jovan has been involved with Singularity University, first as students and as ambassador for Japan.
Let us find out what kind of program Singularity University offers and what Exponential Technologies are. The session will be conducted in English and you will have opportunity to ask many questions. For details and registration, check this site. (If you go down to the bottom of the page, info. for registration is available.)
In addition to these special seminars, we will host Global Agenda Seminar 2018 workshop series, starting in June until September. This year’s topic is “Learning by Doing” and “Focus on output.” and we will have two guests. This series will be all done in English.
The application is now open. Please take a look and download the entry sheet. This series will be held at Roppongi Academy Hills on weekends. For details, go to this site. (in Japanese only yet)

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