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Wednesday, last week, (April 26) we held trial session of Global Agenda Seminar 2017. As we try to offer a program a bit different AND we want those who may be interested to get the “feel” for the series, we decided to run trial session after two years.
I welcomed the participants, explained the background why we began this type of seminar series and its objective this year. As we planned the session, we realized how things are now different from 7 years ago when we started this series.
Our intention from the beginning was to provide opportunities for those interested in global career and/or global activities, regardless of the occasion, to think of issues we now face today from broader perspectives, express their own views, share them with others in English and develop some type of recommendations/action plans.
This year, we decided to focus on “project management skills” as they require problem solving skills, social skills to collaborate with people from different backgrounds and develop some specific recommendations that meet the needs of the client organizations. We thought you do
not get this type of opportunity to work with people outside of your organization, through the process of problem definition to the development of action plan for the client to implement. We felt this is even more needed as the job of the future would be more in the form of project rather than fixed organizational structure with people within the company.
Deadline for application is on May 31 and the actual series will start in the latter half of June.
I hope many will apply for the GAS 2017. Here is the link for details and application.

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