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We are holding Global Agenda Seminar series 2012, starting in 10 days.  We had the first Global Agenda Seminar Series  in 2010 with some 50 participants.  GAS 2010 was for the whole year, and with five guest speakers and topics.  Three members of the advisory board also participated in one or more sessions.  I was the main facilitator and conducted all the ten sessions.  The experience was remarkable and the bond we have with participants of the GAS 2010 has been very strong(We had GAS Reunion this summer.)

This year, we changed the format so that the number of participants is small, with the specific topic and for three months.   We will conduct everything in English  this time. (Last time, we did major presentations in English, but some discussions among the participants were done in Japanese.)

The first term of the GAS 2012 will start on January 14 and the topic for the first term is “Japan-how it is positioned in the 2012 world”  We will have Dr. Tsuneo Watanabe, Director of Foreign & Security Policy Research & Senior Fellow, the Tokyo Foundation, as our guest speaker.

We will try some new ideas for the GAS 2012 and I am very much looking forward to it.  I will report our progress, so stay tuned.

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