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I had an opportunity to attend a few sessions of GIL 2012: Japan organized by Frost & Sullivan today, June 26.  I have known Frost & Sullivan as I used their reports very often when I wrote industry note among others for the case discussion purposes many years ago in my business school days.

I did not know much about their operation in Japan, but thanks to my colleague, Adrian Cheok, I had a chance to attend a few sessions.  (I had classes to teach before and after, so I had to squeeze time.)

I joined when the Exercise: Benchmarking-Growth Excellence Matrix was on, and listened to the three presentations.  It was very interesting,  not only in terms of content, but also in terms of the format and style.  I learned quite a few things.

What was even better was that I met with some old friends and also met with new people.  It is always fun to meet with new people, as I can ask about their operations, issues etc. directly.  It is also great to meet with people that you worked with before and/or did something together but had lost contact for several years.

In fact, I debated whether I could squeeze time to go or not (I end up going back and forth between Hiroo/Kamiyacho and Hiyoshi twice today!), but I am glad that I did.

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