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Yesterday, November 22, “Developing Next Generation of Global Leaders” session was held at Digital Garage near Daikanyama.  It was held as a part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2012 organized by Impact Japan.

I moderated the panel for the St. Gallen Symposium part with Kazuma Yamauchi and Daisuke Kan as panelists.  Both of them participated in the St. Gallen Symposium this last May and shared their experiences at the Symposium.  I was very happy to  see many people at the session.

We were going to do the most part of the panel in Japanese, and just a small part in English, as we had thought that most people present would feel more comfortable in Japanese than in English.   But it turned out that English was a dominant language where everybody could communicate, so we decided to do it in English. (I mentioned questions in Japanese were also welcome.)

I was delighted to find that many questions were asked.  It is always better to engage the audience as much as possible and keep the interaction going with good tempo than one-sided talk.  I was happy to find that there were considerable interests in the Symposium and in the Wing of Excellence essay competition. (I serve as a member of the Final Jury of the competition and I want many applications!)

St. Gallen Symposium session was followed by the session on Global Shapers of the World  Economic Forum where several Global Shapers presented their initiatives.  I was familiar with some, but not with others and it  was inspiring to find out many interesting initiatives. (It was a bit long!)

Then we moved to the Swiss Residence where the Ambassador hosted the reception for us.  I was one of the three that were to discuss the Symposium &  WEF among other things.  After the discussion, we had Swiss wine and food.  By that time, I was starving  and thoroughly enjoyed  great food.  (To my regret, I did not  have Swiss wine,  as I had several things to do after the reception.)

I am grateful  that Mr. & Mrs. Ambassador hosted such a nice reception for us.  I am grateful for their generosity and continued support to the young generation.  As this is Thanksgiving day, today(November 22), I am thankful for all the support extended to develop next generation of global leaders.  Thank YOU!

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