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Today (Oct. 3) is the fifth day in NYC and I feel I am getting things done as scheduled. As said in “Done is better than Perfect”, I have been trying to get things which need to be done done before the weekend. Here is the list.

IMG_3350IMG_33461. Had battery changed for my Swiss watch done, got all my questions answered about iPhone 6, and picked up my favorite coffee with hazelnut flavor near by.
2. Got most of the documents completed
3. Almost done with reviewing/revising 2 of my online column drafts.
4. Had lunch with my mentor couple (and my friend) and my old friend after two decades.(forgot to take photo)
5. Played hard with my grand kids and had dinner with them here and there.(photo)

6. Went to two concerts–Berlin Philharmonic at Carnegie Hall and NY Phil at Lincoln Center, saw one show “A Gentleman’s Guide :Love & Murder.” so far.(photo showing three different shows)

IMG_3363My daily routine of exercise continues at the sports club nearby every morning (no jogging at the Park this time) followed by the visit at Starbucks.

I have squeezed in the Writing course of Coursera in between. (which has been a bit of challenge)

Though I had planned to do something “New and Different” in NYC this time, so far, not much yet.

Now the weekend is starting, several “new and different” events scheduled such as “Walk for Uganda” and “Apple Picking” if weather permits.  We will see…

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