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Today was another day of meetings (at 7:30), class(8:30) and another meeting (11:00).  I met with some people from the well-known company to discuss some important matter.

Then I had six back-to- back, one-on-one meeting with students for the feedback and questions.   We tried to identify where students have had difficulty understanding and tried to explain on the spot.  It requires quite a bit of energy and at one point in the afternoon, I could feel I was getting exhausted.

But then I got the second wind (Is this the right expression?) to get re-energized.  I regained energy back.  I learn a lot from responding/asking questions with students and trying to explain the use of tools on the spot.

There are quite a few things where you have no hard and fast rules, as people simply  need to try it themselves and learn through trial and error.

One thing that is clear is that the more you practice, the easier it gets. Even though you are confused at the beginning and quite at a loss,  things will get a bit simpler the more you try.   It seems there are more things in life today which follow this rule than ever before.  It is the age of uncertainty and change, but exciting at the same time.

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