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Now that Christmas is over, things are getting a bit quieter in Kauai.  Excitement over Christmas, particularly for children, is over to the relief of some of the parents with small children.

Many articles and shows are now on, reflecting the year 2013.   For me, I have NOT done review of the year 2013 by going through the events/activities I have done in the year 2013, unlike past several years.  It is  partly because of many things on my To do list in the past two weeks, and also partially due to my wish to do something a bit different this year.

I decided (almost by default) that I will NOT follow what I always do in Kauai during the holidays.  One of them is to start the day with my exercise routine, whether it is running along the shore or hitting the fitness center early in the morning.  I did not play golf at all this year, which is so unusual!    It was partially due to my persistent back pain, but it was also due to my wish to do things I wanted to do, but not able to do until I got here.

flowersIt was interesting because I notice many things such as blue sky, sun, cloud, ocean and wave, which I have NOT noticed before.   For example, the beautiful flowers caught my attention, almost for the first time.

So these holidays turned out to be a bit different from the past years. I like it because I want to start the new activities in the year 2014!

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