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 As I am leaving ICS in 2.5 weeks, I have a huge task of moving the office. I have arranged the mover and the dates, but I still need to sort papers, books etc. which I have accumulated over a decade.  I began sorting out last week both at the office and at home, because I need to bring back some of my furniture, books etc. to my apartment. 

  It so happened that we talked about disposing things at Ladies night two nights ago.  It was in the context of  sorting stuff for the elderly parents, and we all agree what an overwhelming task that is.  Our conclusion was to live simple life without much stuff, as we can not bring anything when we die. 

  I moved my apartement three times in the past decade, (though in the same apartment complex), but I had the same office for a decade.  I accumulated many things (mainly papers to prepare for the class, do research etc.) and I was amazed how much I have!  I threw away most of the papers (as I do not need them any more) and reports etc.  I still have quite a way to go before I officially move.

  At the consulting firm where I used to work,we moved our office every two years or so. It was a great idea as we were almost forced to throw away what is not needed every two years.  Now that I have to go through a decade worth of papers, I feel I should have done that  before.  But it is a nice feeling that you become lighter.  I hope one day my office will look like the one of Kashiwa Sato of Samurai.

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