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I had a-week- stay in NYC this past week.  Tokyo-NYC trip is usually exhausting as the time difference is 13 hours and your day and night is upside down.  For some reason, however, the jet lag has not caused much trouble for me during this past trip.

I could think of several reasons.  One was the late afternoon flight from Tokyo to JFK. Compared with most flights that arrive at JFK in the morning (i.e. getting to Manhattan around noon), I arrived in the evening.  Not having a room at the hotel for half a day when you are exhausted does not start you off to a good start.   I slept through the flight to JFK as usual, but I had stomach flu or something and was not feeling great.

The weather in NYC was gorgeous and I jogged at the Park every morning in the sun.  Being in the sun is known to help get over the jet lag, so it must have helped.  My business meetings were over lunch for three consecutive days that it was much easier to handle.  After big lunch, I walked to almost every place I needed to be (Manhattan is such a great place for walk, and the weather was very nice during my stay!) and it might have helped, too.

I always go to concerts and shows almost every night while in NYC, and I did so this time.  Usually, I have to try hard to keep myself awake (particularly after I have a glass of wine with my pre-theater dinner!), but this time, I had almost none.  It could be because I skipped dinner after big business lunch, and the shows were all so engaging as to keep my attention.

The same happened on my way back to Tokyo.  I felt almost no jet lag!  I have less difficulty coping with jet lag when I come back (flying west is easier on you, I hear), but still on the third day or so after I come back, I feel so exhausted that I have to go to bed around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m.  This time, it has not hit me and I follow regular schedule of going to bed before 11:00 and getting up before 6:00.  It helps to have the bright sun coming into my bedroom around 5:30 a.m. or so and it is very spring-like out.  (I walk and run during the day just to be in the  sun.)

Probably staying away from alcohol and skipping meals unless I feel like eating, regardless of time, may have gone a long way to solve jet lag problem.  I may have hit the right formula after all these trials! (It may work for you, hopefully?)   I think the ability to be able to sleep on the plane and to be able to get over jet lag quickly is one of the critical requirements for operating at the  “global” level, today.

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