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After I arrived in Tianjin airport at little before 2:00 am on Wednesday, I rushed to the hotel to get some sleep before the session I am to moderate.  As it was so late (so early?), the high way was all empty.  The only problem was that cab driver was not sure about the location of the hotel (even though I asked CA of the flight to write the name in Chinese).  And we stopped on highway in pitch black and tried to figure out the location.  After some trial, he was able to reach the hotel and get the direction.

Problem did not end there, as I was stopped at the security gate of the hotel.  It was so late and nobody was around.  I had no ID to speak of about the conference.  After some time, the WEF staff came to rescue me!  I then checked in and finally able to feel settled.  By then it was 3 am!

I managed to get 3 hr sleep, had some breakfast and rushed to the Convention center.  (It took quite a while to get to the convention center by shuttle!)

We discussed the flow of discussion with the WEF staff and the session began a bit later than the scheduled time. (It turned out that there were so many people backed up at the security gate of the Convention Center.)

The session was quite lively and ended in time for the participants to go to the plenary session with the Premier of China and Prof. Klaus Schwab. As I reflect back at the session, we could have cut down some items and focused on few topics.  (I learn so many things from these sessions.)

I was happy to finish my assignment, however,  and went to attend the plenary session which opened the Summer Davos officially.

I went to other sessions and had lunch, I felt very tired all of a sudden.  I stayed on for a while and decided to leave.  It turned out that I was invited to contribute to the boardroom discussion on collaboration.  I just missed the phone call and note of reminder about the session and left without notifying the team in charge of the session.

 I felt so bad as  I missed the great opportunity and I also believe not delivering on the promise is one of the best way to lose credibility.  (That was what I did!). I was quite depressed for what I had done. (Photo on the left indicates how I felt!)

So that was how my first day at Summer Davos ended. The only good thing was that I  caught up with my lack of sleep.

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