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We hosted brainstorming session (Davos Experience in Tokyo #59 at 100BANCH) and debate session (Global Agenda Seminar 2018 #2) back to back over two days. For English blog entry, I will write about the most recent one of GAS 2018. (Davos.. in Tokyo will be post tomorrow.)
At the #2 of the series, we tried debate. The topic was selected by the participants at the last session and 1) Japan should have immigration policy. 2) Japan should continue work style reform.
All the participants were asked to prepare for both topics AND to be able to argue either affirmative or negative. Four groups were formed and announced today when participants came to the seminar venue.
Each round lasted 50 minutes or so, with some discussion time among the team and for constructive speech and rebuttal speech from each side. The debate ended with the summary from each group.
It turned out that for majority of the participants, this was the first experience of debate. (In fact, I was quite surprised as we use this format quite often to develop logical argument and thinking on the spot.) After two rounds, I asked them what was most difficult about the exercise etc. Judging from the response to the survey done afterwards, majority of participants liked the exercise and learned something new. As I told the participants, this is a very good way to practice logical thinking, communication and think on the spot. I hope they will use this format often at their work and with friends.

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