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サン・テグジュペリGlobal Agenda Seminar series(GAS) 2016 will start on Monday, April 11. The title for the first  session is “Evolving global brand strategy. ” Our guest is the executive general manager of Andaz Tokyo, Mr.Arnaud de Saint-Exupery.
What come to your mind when you hear the term “Global Brand?” Brand that is well known throughout the world? Brand which many people regardless of nationality feel familiar and trust? Brand which continues to give assurance for quality and survive the changing and volatile taste of the times?

Global brand has been a favorite topic not only for marketers but also for academics, as we often see the papers, articles, tweets etc. with the title.

The question, today, is how to maintain the tradition, value and life of the brand in the inter-connected and fast-changing world?  Is brand something to be transformed?  Could we maintain the tradition of the brand while keeping it fresh with the time?  How do we manage multiple brands in the inter-connected  world today? We will try to answer this question through the story of Hyatt group.

At this session, we will have Executive General Manager of Andaz Hotel Tokyo who has had extensive experience of sales/marketing of Hyatt Group, manager of the Hyatt hotel in Paris and general manager of the first Andaz hotel in London and now the executive general manager of Andaz Tokyo.  He will share the story of  how Hyatt group, one of the best known hotel groups in the world, has managed 12 different brands and 600 hotels throughout the world.  Specifically, he will share with us the key to combine the “tradition” of luxury brand with localization to meet the needs of the region/area, AND make the experience “personal” for each and every one of the customers.

After his presentation, I will moderate the session by asking questions and opening it to the floor.  The whole session will be conducted in English.  So why not join us on April 11 to think of your journey to design and build the global brand?  For details and registration, check this link (at the bottom of the page, you see English version and how to apply.)

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